You can lead a whore to water.And you can bet she'll drink and follow orders

Name: Andru
Age: 17
Location location location:Houston,Texas
Favorite 10 bands: In no particular order: Glassjaw,Taking back Sunday,Modest Mouse,Hella, God speed you black emperor,Braniac,Sonic Youth, Bjork, Pretty girls make Graves, The SkulleningAn interesting fact 'bout yourself: I cant give blood.May spread Mad Cow disease(Born in england in the 80's)
Why do you think you're so fucking cool?: Because I can read?
Goals for yo’ life: Ha. I Hope to go to college to become a writer.Take creative Writing and write a kick ass book.Pro-life or pro-choice, and why: Pro choice. I think people should become aware of the laws that are being placed in play,in this country.Become smart,know whats going on.Stand up for yourself.

yay im new

Name:Alyssa Bourgoin
Town:Presque Isle maine
Favorite 10 bands: Taking back sunday, Dashboard Confessional, Bright eyes, My chemical Romance, Cursive, Boys night out, Saves the day, Thursday, Ffaf, Fata.
uhmm and yes i love you all...
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applicant anyone?


Location location location: Scaborough Maine United states?

Favorite 10 bands: GlassJaw. As i lay dying. DeathCabForCutie. everytime i die. the cure. thursday. co&ca.deftones.blindside.Cursive.

An interesting fact 'bout yourself:im in love with my guitar and i play naked.

Why do you think you're so fucking cool?:Because man....IM NOT FUCKING COOL...OHHH...!diss!

Goals for your life: < i put in a u and r..> and ummm well i want to marry a hobo and walk around naked and have hobo babies that will have dreads at the age of 7. Then ill go into acting.

who you support for the next presidental election: (and not some lame answer like "bush is a douche bag") bush is a douche bag. so is kerry so... im not really into either. i dont like politics.

Pro-life or pro-choice, and why:ProCHoice. Because i just think pro-choice is a better way to roll.

Pics (you gotta post at least one before you get stamped, sorry, rules are gay)file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Felicia/My%20Documents/My%20Pictures/meeee32.bmp

tahts my midgit boyfriend

i dont even know how to post fucking pictures hopefully that works.

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ok, well i guess i decided to add some more about my opinions and whatnot since what i wrote didnt exactly show how i feel about everything. so here it is more in depth :P

Name: Bridget

Age: 15

Location location location: scarborough scarborough scarborough (maine of course) 8-)

Favorite 10 bands: Bright eyes, dashboard confessional, thrice, hawthorne heights, emery, matchbook romance, mae, glassjaw, autopilot off, taking back sunday

An interesting fact 'bout yourself: i play field hockey (defense) and my team is awful but i love playing anyways. i definately want to play until i cant anymore.

Why do you think you're so fucking cool?: because i am bitches (just kidding just kidding!) i dont exactly think im cooool but maybe cuz i try and be nice to everyone? i love meeting new people, i love going to shows and just hanging out and having fun.

Goals for yo life: for now~learn guitar, be myself
for the future~ graduate, go to college (i dont know what for yet) and get a good job, fall in love, and just be happy with whatever i happen to be doing at the time.

who you support for the next presidental election: id have to say kerry. i dont really agree with how bush has been handling everything and, even though it may not be a good idea to make a big change in the midst of everything thats happening, i think kerry might be able to handle things at least a little bit better then how, in my opinion, bush is.

Pro-life or pro-choice, and why: pro-choice, you never really know what can happen, you may make bad choices (or mistakes or something) and may not be ready to have a baby. whatever your opinion, things could change when you are put in a situation where you have to decide if your ready or not to have a kid. i still think adoption would be a better choice, but pro-choice is my opinion :P

Pics (you gotta post at least one before you get stamped, sorry, rules are gay)

Image Hosted by
^only picture that i could get to work. im the one with the curly hair. :)

First Zombie Attack song with guitar and vox set up

(no title yet)

Edge or not, we have X's for eyes.
Why would it matter what we do with our lives?
We gave you the choice, so give us the same.
Edge or not, you'll never see us fade.

We're never gonna fade

We care enough about our family and friends,
(You'll never see us fade)
So we choak back our vomit, again and again.
(You'll never see us fade)
It's not about purity, it's about whats in-fucking-side,
(You'll never see us fade)
You may have your edge, but you can still fucking die.
(You'll never see us fade)
Our roting flesh you'll have to smell till' your dead,
(you'll never see us fade)
We'll keep our shit with or without an edge.
(you'll never see us fade)

More Zombie Attack lyrics....

Zombie Attack - We may be stiff, but we're not desperate

Polls are in, your fucking disgusting.
We moan cuz we're brainless, but we will tell you one thing.
The aesthetics of your body are put down by your past,
your ten thousand relationships that moved too fucking fast.


(I think I'm gonna change this part cuz it's gonna flow to much like a Mental song)
Stupid kid, to quick to fall in love?
We're fucking Zombies, we're out for blood.
Your in the mood, want to take us to bed?
We're fucking Zombies, we're fucking undead.
Show off skin like your god's gift to sex?
We're fucking Zombies, we'll eat your flesh.
Party skank, your reputation is true.
We're fucking Zombies, we're done with you.

When you finally see what we're all about,
all you can do is fucking pout.
Look bitch, we're done with your shit,
so why don't you chill the fuck out!

Zombie Attack Lyrics

Zombie Attack - (Intro) Wake the fuckin dead!

Bitch and Preach you think you know whats best?
We don't care we are fucking grotesque.
Your blood we will drink, on you brains we will dine,
Watch your backs Maine.... It's zombie feeding time!

We will drag you down,

...And eat your flesh.

Zombie Attack - FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE!!

This city is covered in an orange mist,
As death lurks up to take all of this.
Down the streeta shambling mass of black,
Look out boys it's a ZOMBIE ATTACK!!


Zombie in the streets, people going nuts!
Zombies in your town, tearing it up!
Gonna fight back? guns don't stop the dead
Gonna get down, or put a bullet in your head?

You better run for your life.
You won't live through the night.
What the fuck will you do?
When the zombies get you!?!

Where did the heat go?

its cold outside now...

it was blistering earlier, god damn drizzle makeing my body cold.

so now i sit listening to Turning Point.

The city is covered with an orange mist,
As death lurks up to take all of this.
Down the street, a shambeling mass of black,
Watch out boys.... IT'S A ZOMBIE ATTACK!!!
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