Hit the floor! (xtimetoforget) wrote in fashionkidsdie,
Hit the floor!

More Zombie Attack lyrics....

Zombie Attack - We may be stiff, but we're not desperate

Polls are in, your fucking disgusting.
We moan cuz we're brainless, but we will tell you one thing.
The aesthetics of your body are put down by your past,
your ten thousand relationships that moved too fucking fast.


(I think I'm gonna change this part cuz it's gonna flow to much like a Mental song)
Stupid kid, to quick to fall in love?
We're fucking Zombies, we're out for blood.
Your in the mood, want to take us to bed?
We're fucking Zombies, we're fucking undead.
Show off skin like your god's gift to sex?
We're fucking Zombies, we'll eat your flesh.
Party skank, your reputation is true.
We're fucking Zombies, we're done with you.

When you finally see what we're all about,
all you can do is fucking pout.
Look bitch, we're done with your shit,
so why don't you chill the fuck out!
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