Hit the floor! (xtimetoforget) wrote in fashionkidsdie,
Hit the floor!

First Zombie Attack song with guitar and vox set up

(no title yet)

Edge or not, we have X's for eyes.
Why would it matter what we do with our lives?
We gave you the choice, so give us the same.
Edge or not, you'll never see us fade.

We're never gonna fade

We care enough about our family and friends,
(You'll never see us fade)
So we choak back our vomit, again and again.
(You'll never see us fade)
It's not about purity, it's about whats in-fucking-side,
(You'll never see us fade)
You may have your edge, but you can still fucking die.
(You'll never see us fade)
Our roting flesh you'll have to smell till' your dead,
(you'll never see us fade)
We'll keep our shit with or without an edge.
(you'll never see us fade)
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