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ok, well i guess i decided to add some more about my opinions and whatnot since what i wrote didnt exactly show how i feel about everything. so here it is more in depth :P

Name: Bridget

Age: 15

Location location location: scarborough scarborough scarborough (maine of course) 8-)

Favorite 10 bands: Bright eyes, dashboard confessional, thrice, hawthorne heights, emery, matchbook romance, mae, glassjaw, autopilot off, taking back sunday

An interesting fact 'bout yourself: i play field hockey (defense) and my team is awful but i love playing anyways. i definately want to play until i cant anymore.

Why do you think you're so fucking cool?: because i am bitches (just kidding just kidding!) i dont exactly think im cooool but maybe cuz i try and be nice to everyone? i love meeting new people, i love going to shows and just hanging out and having fun.

Goals for yo life: for now~learn guitar, be myself
for the future~ graduate, go to college (i dont know what for yet) and get a good job, fall in love, and just be happy with whatever i happen to be doing at the time.

who you support for the next presidental election: id have to say kerry. i dont really agree with how bush has been handling everything and, even though it may not be a good idea to make a big change in the midst of everything thats happening, i think kerry might be able to handle things at least a little bit better then how, in my opinion, bush is.

Pro-life or pro-choice, and why: pro-choice, you never really know what can happen, you may make bad choices (or mistakes or something) and may not be ready to have a baby. whatever your opinion, things could change when you are put in a situation where you have to decide if your ready or not to have a kid. i still think adoption would be a better choice, but pro-choice is my opinion :P

Pics (you gotta post at least one before you get stamped, sorry, rules are gay)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
^only picture that i could get to work. im the one with the curly hair. :)
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