_violin (_violin) wrote in fashionkidsdie,

You can lead a whore to water.And you can bet she'll drink and follow orders

Name: Andru
Age: 17
Location location location:Houston,Texas
Favorite 10 bands: In no particular order: Glassjaw,Taking back Sunday,Modest Mouse,Hella, God speed you black emperor,Braniac,Sonic Youth, Bjork, Pretty girls make Graves, The SkulleningAn interesting fact 'bout yourself: I cant give blood.May spread Mad Cow disease(Born in england in the 80's)
Why do you think you're so fucking cool?: Because I can read?
Goals for yo’ life: Ha. I Hope to go to college to become a writer.Take creative Writing and write a kick ass book.Pro-life or pro-choice, and why: Pro choice. I think people should become aware of the laws that are being placed in play,in this country.Become smart,know whats going on.Stand up for yourself.
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