small rant

Ok, just need a little moment to bitch...

Becca just asked me if I wanted to go to see Missing Direction the Saturday of the week I get home. I'm all like, cool yo, I love Ezra. And THEN, she tells me it's ten dollars.
Ten fucking bucks?! For this:
Saturday, May 8th, 6:00pm
@ The Auburn American Legion
$10 Admission, All Ages
Even All Out
The Leftovers
Missing Direction
Eating Alone
Time For Change

Are you kidding me? I could see a similar line up here for like 4 bucks. I've also seen bands with more clout than these ones for cheaper. This is really ridiculous. No wonder the scene in Maine is dieing. I'm sorry Muscle City and Ezra, but I'm poor.

I love Ezra, but not that much.

i dont have to have a lj-cut

just to make ivy happy, here are the answers for my application

Name: nicholas
Location location location: sabattus/litchfield MAINE
Favorite 10 bands: gorilla biscuits, blood for blood, bane, misfits, every time i die, coldplay, texas is the reason, american nightmare, neutral milk hotel, and john lennon
An interesting fact 'bout yourself: i cut my finger off once
Why do you think you're so fucking cool?: uhh, moderator of the fucking coolest community in livejournal
Goals for yo life: i dont have any, at all. i like to live for now, and not for what i'm going to do. to me, thats retarded.
who you support for the next presidental election: (and not some lame answer like "bush is a douche bag") i support president bush in his decisions about the war on terror, and the protection of the united states, and me.
Pro-life or pro-choice, and why: pro-life, because i think that in order to keep the freedom in the choices that we make, we need to keep this option open. and besides, its not like they're going to care if they die or not. they cant think because their brains are too small. fuck feelings.
Pics (you gotta post at least one before you get stamped, sorry, rules are gay) christ on a crutch, ivy, you already know what i look like, therefore i dont need to post a picture. and if you forgot, i'll show you one sometime.
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This is a new community thats run by moi, NICK, and Alicia. It's all about rating people on their coolness and NOT by the way they look. The whole point is to show fashion kids that they're fucked and completely wrong about everything, and to have fun.
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